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Do you have something nice to say about Mortgage Minder? Send your comments to feedback@mortgage-minder.com and we'll post them here!

"Thank you, again, for all the information you provided. The sales lady from the servicing company remained firm in that her company makes TWO payments per month to the mortgage company to reduce finance charges. Even so, I was able to show her that I could save the same amount of money and time paying myself. Needless to say, I making the extra payments myself.  I also decided to purchase your software, it's an excellent tool to have."

"I did download the trial of your program and will be looking at it this
I can't thank you enough for the information you've provided. THANK YOU

"I just want you to know that I really like your Mortgage Minder program and I think that it will help me save thousands. Thank you for a great product."

"Excellent work with the MM 3.0 calculator; I've just downloaded the trial version."

"Excellent program. As Lay person I am gratefully
and full of gratitude that there are good people such as yourself that
dedicate there expertise for the benefit and protection of those who do
not have the awareness or knowledge to protect themselves."

"You saved me a bunch of money. I was just getting ready to sign up for a bi-weekly plan that my mortgage company provides. The were going to stick my for $295. I now know that all I need to do is add a little to the payment each month. Thanks a lot. "

"Thanks for clarifying bi-weekly payments and how it really works. This info sure doesn't exist bi-weekly web sites I visited when trying to learn how it actually works. I'm clear on that now. "

"Great program ....I have used it before. I have the first Windows version."


"Great program for at a reasonable cost."

"Thank you for answering me back so fast. Yup, that was it and it did the trick. The software is great and I am using it all the time. I'm an accountant and it saves me from writing the stupid Am Tables in Excel."

"I downloaded your demo from the AOL site and found it to be exactly what I needed!"

"Thank you ever so much for your kind reply! I am printing it now and find your advice just what the doctor ordered."

"...thanks. the program works great"

"I will be referring all of my (home owning) friends to your site and your software."

"I do not have any credit debt and try to avoid debt all together. I appreciate your web site. I think it is a great concept and I am glad I took the time to read about those bi-weekly payment "services.""

"Thank you for your excellent service"

"mortgage minder seems to have everything i want in a mortgage program"

"Just downloaded and tried out the new update Chuck, printing is much improved ................Thanks! "

"I wish QuickBooks or Money would use a program like yours incorporated into their package"

"i really enjoy using your program. thanks"

"Chuck, I purchased your program several years ago, have recommended it to people several times, "

"Mortgage Minder was exactly what I needed. We are in a position to pay off a land loan and wanted a reliable way to cross check the early pay off amount on our loan. I can only thank you for being there with a great and easy to use program that filled our needs in a fine way. Lord willin', we will never need anything to do with a mortgage again in our lives. Once more, thank you. I will recommend your program at every opportunity."

"Excellent. Thank you for the quick response. I will encourage others to
buy your product."

"I look forward to continued use of the software and getting my mortgage paid off ASAP!"

"hi chuck ...i like your program very much"

"Your program is much easier to use than Cypress Software's older MS-DOS version."

"What a great program...the upgrade is really super ...Thanks"

Download the fully functional trial of Mortgage Minder today and give it a try.  When you are ready, you can purchase a code to unlock Mortgage Minder using your credit card. Your code will be delivered instantly!  

Please email support@mortgage-minder.com with any questions.

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