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"Professional" and "Personal" Version, Which One Do I Need?

Mortgage Minder is now licensed for either "Personal" or "Professional" use. The legal difference is in how you intend to use Mortgage Minder. If you use it for your own personal use only, then the personal license is all you need. If you will be using it for business, printing reports for clients, etc., you will need to purchase the professional license.

The image below shows a sample report page printed with the professional version. The main functional differences between the the personal and professional versions are that the professional version will let you add a "Prepared By" section to your report to include your contact information and a logo if you desire, and at the bottom of the reports it indicates this version is ok for professional or business use. The personal version will not let you print the "Prepared By" section and clearly states at the bottom of the reports that this version is not licensed for business use.

If you will be using Mortgage Minder for business, please remember that you will need to purchase a separate license for each computer that you install it on. Contact chuck@cwts.com for volume pricing. It's not that expensive to stay legal!


This screen shot shows a sample"Prepared by" section and the report footer.

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