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Recent Articles - "Taking the Mystery Out of Mortgage Acceleration"

Very Popular - "What's the Big Deal About Bi-Weekly Mortgages"

Did you know it takes about 23 years to pay off the first HALF of a typical 30 year mortgage?  New to all this mortgage reduction talk?

View this popular one page mortgage acceleration primer.

Thinking about a bi-weekly payment plan? Read this FIRST!

Mortgage Minder is a powerful, yet amazingly easy to use, mortgage acceleration calculator that allows you to instantly see the effect of making extra principal payments. Mortgage Minder is the best tool available in its price range to help you plan your mortgage reduction strategy. (full description)

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New Live Help system added to the Mortgage Minder web site. Chat live to ask questions or get support!

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"What's the Big Deal About Bi-Weekly Mortgages?"

"Taking the Mystery Out of Mortgage Acceleration"

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